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Simply work together. The most intuitive project and task management tool on the web
With the increase in competition and the challenges of the digital economy, more is expected from less. Resources need to be utilized to the maximum. Therefore you require tools to manage the numerous on going projects. The TES Desk Project management software provides small to large businesses, who undoubtedly juggle a number of tasks, with a solution that helps keep them organized.

Create projects, assign project champions and resources, assign tasks and update statuses, all on a single platform. Track any number of projects on management dashboards. Identify resources that have been over booked on project tasks, allowing you to manage resources more effectively.
Employees are often assigned individual tasks that are a part of a larger project an entire team is working to complete. TES desk Project management software gives employees a way to collaborate on projects by sharing.
Delegate tasks
Use project management software to easily delegate tasks to the appropriate employees. By assigning roles in the system, each employee has access to information and knows whom to contact if they have questions or concerns.
Stay on schedule
Project managers can add a start and expected completion date to projects and tasks they include in the system. This alerts employees to upcoming deadlines, allowing them to manage their time.
Track projects
The software will let you know what's been completed, as well as by whom, and what still needs to be done. Employees can provide updates as to what they're working on and share their updates with the manager and team.
Provide a snapshot
Project management software offers a snapshot of the project you can share to get new staff up-to-speed. This allows you to show employees the project from start to finish, give them background information and know how to move forward.
Connect with clients & vendors
Share & collaborate with clients, vendors & employees credentials to access project files, give feedback, make edits & review progress. CNN Money asserts that project management is vital to connect with vendors & clients.

02. Applications

03. Product Services

Support Your Services Organization End-to-End with a Powerful, Cloud-Based Suite
80% of companies still use unstructured manual tools such as email and spreadsheets to drive routine work processes. What could you do if you got all that time back? With a scalable, cloud‑native system that integrates project management and help desk functionality you'll ensure not only that projects are helping to deliver on strategic business initiatives, but also that they are being executed successfully. Centralizing demand and integrating it with planning and budgeting will have a dramatic improvement in performance and output.
“Today’s financial infrastructure is often decades old and expensive to upgrade. The DA Platform mitigates wasteful cost and risk while allowing rapid product innovation.”
“Today’s financial infrastructure is often decades old and expensive to upgrade. The DA Platform mitigates wasteful cost and risk while allowing rapid product innovation.”
Kelly A. Mathieson, Head of Financial Products
Kelly A. Mathieson, Head of Financial Products

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