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01. Platform

For over a decade, we at Supernet E-Solutions have provided our clients with unparalleled inbound and outbound services.
In this day and age, you need a competitive edge, and sending potential new customers to voicemail was never sufficient and never will be. Human intelligence will surpass any and all artificial interaction. The TES Desk Call Centre suite allows you to manage your calls in a professional manner. With options of deploying on the cloud or on site based on size and requirement, it fulfills every need for any size, whether for a single agent or hundreds. Don’t want to manage it yourself, you can outsource your requirement to us Our intelligent, compassionate, career minded, highly trained professionals answer your calls on weekends, nights, and holidays. You can forward your calls 24 hours a day all year round. We also cater after hours or overflow call needs. You will have remote access to agent performance reports and dashboards. You will always enjoy visibility and simple pricing with no complex contracts.

Our years of experience and expert agents ensure that your business receives the support worthy of its stature. In a world where accessibility is key, we offer call center services over a variety of streams and channels that are well integrated with the specific needs of your business.
Sales & Telemarketing
Triple your productivity, increase lead conversion rates, and exceed your inside sales quota with the best-in-class Virtual Contact Center.
Customer Service
Transform your customer service to proactively deliver powerful customer connections with our unique blended inbound and outbound solution.
Benefit from a flexible, end-to-end system for large enterprise contact centers and receive sophisticated, in-depth functionality that’s easy to use.
Reach more debtors faster with TES. Increase debt recovery rates, lower costs, and improve your agent productivity.
Make huge productivity gains by providing your clients with the ability to scale quickly and deliver real-time visibility into business outcomes.
Small & Medium Business
Enjoy all of the functionality of expensive on-premise contact center solutions with none of the hassle, hardware, and upfront costs.

02. Applications

03. Product Services

Tailored to meet the growing needs of your organizations serving across multiple industries
Delivering a satisfying customer experience is a top priority for most organizations today, and the responsibility of managing that experience has never been more complex. The world is changing, ushering in a digital age. While voice-based communication with customers still plays a strong role, consumers are increasingly looking to digital communication methods (like social media, SMS, Web chat and email) and demanding the flexibility to interact with companies through their preferred media.

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