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01. Platform

Business continuity is an essential part of running a business
Main content: While there is no denying the importance of disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC) planning for any enterprise that wants to minimize the impact of unplanned disruptions, it is also a given that there is no one right way to achieve an effective DR/BC strategy. An organization’s specific recovery point and recovery time objectives will drive the selection and allocation of technologies, personnel and facilities best suited to its own DR/BC requirements. Beyond choosing the right combination of tape-, disk- or cloud-based backup, and the optimum location for a hot site, cold site or warm site recovery facility, for most organizations the overall approach to disaster recovery involves an even more fundamental decision: whether to manage and perform the entire process in-house or to outsource selected functions to a qualified service provider.

Outsourcing to Supernet E-Solutions E solutions with extensive telecom background and facilities via its group companies: namely Supernet and Supernet E-Solutions Ltd gives the customer major advantages. With the shorter recovery time objectives for today’s data-intensive business-critical systems and applications, the specialized expertise required to achieve rapid recovery following a declared disaster and the high cost of creating and maintaining a truly resilient computing environment, many organizations may find that outsourcing to us offers a more effective and economical DR/BC solution. No wonder names such as Deutchebank, Bank of Tokyo, National Foods, PICIC etc utilize our services for the DR sites. With 24/7 operations and facilities for housing both data and people with complete telecom facilities, it is the logical choice.
24/7 operations
Our sites are accessible 24/7 if required. With dedicated IT and support staff present to ensure your needs are covered.
Dedicated Space
you have the option of having a dedicated customized setup for your requirements.
Shared space
If you are short on budget, we provide shared space as well for seating your staff in a DR.
Telecom background
A key aspect of any DR site is the requirement of connectivity and telecom facilities. Being a telco, this is a cinch for us. From fibre to satellite, we have it all.
Power backup
With ample power backup to run our own NOCs for multiple days at a time, and with the power situation in Pakistan, this is one of the most important attributes
Rack Space
House your servers in our NOC’s in Supernet. A 24/7 manned facility with the option to house a server, rent a server, or house your own rack. .

02. Applications

03. Product Services

You attract customers We help you retain them, by providing dedicated customer support
The hot sites at Supernet E-Solutions E solutions are one of the most cost effective solutions available. With dedicated and trained staff, 2 group telecom companies supporting it, NOC to house your data and servers, backup power, on demand data and voice connectivity, fibre, vsat, and LTE connectivity, there is no other provider that can match the options available.

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